The funeral Of Big Bad Jon.

Many people have been asking for the text of the funeral for Big Bad Jon.

Here it is, at least, the plain words. I have added to the book in RED the parts of the book that I said, or the ad-libs that I remember. They may not be all correct, the day was a bit of a blurr. It doesn’t contain the feelings, or the laughter, or of course the tears.

The funeral was written by me entirely for the occasion*.

Funeral (Jon Scholes)

And here’s Jon, doing the sacred dance:

If anyone does was want to submit to the Midwinter Anthology, which will contain Jon’s last writings, you can get more information from the facebook page for Jara23 Publishing.

*There are parts of it that are based on the funeral liturgy of the Church In Wales, and some prayers which I have written and adjusted. Any other copyright problems please get in touch, as they are unknown to me.