Fridge Magnet

Today I was given a Fridge Magnet. It’s something that’s going to go in my “Rainy Days and Mondays” file. It was the simplest of gifts, yet the story behind it was… well, huge.

Let me start somewhere that could be thought of as the Begining. Last Week, I preached a Sermon. It was a simple Sermon, about taking time to enjoy the Peace of the Lord. It was a sermon that said that the next time your somewhere, just taking a look at creation, take some time to rest on the Peace of the Lord, just resting in him, asking nothing, and expecting nothing, but just enjoying being there.

Everyone said they liked it. Rave Reviews, if you like. I didn’t really put very much stock in it despite the warms of feeling, simply because I didn’t want it to go to my head. Nor did I want the bar to be so high that meeting it in my next sermon was impossible. Shortly afterwoulds, my placement supervisor talked me though the sermon. There were a few flaws, the kind of thing that is often difficult to see, but nothing, in her mind, that was going to be a problem in the future, no bad habit, no mumbling, that sort of thing. Most of the points were the kind of things that by and large would become less of a problem with experience. At the end of the meeting, she mentioned a guy who drove a train.

This guy, however, had listened to my sermon. During that week, he’d found himself alone, and the words of my sermon came back to him, and he sat there, resting of the Peace of the Lord.

I was bowled over. Christ, through me, had managed to reach someone. I had managed to deliver the words that Christ had called me to deliver. It was.. and Awesome feeling. It was the kind of thing that I was going to write down when I got five minuits. This week, the guy had come up to me, and given me a Fridge Magnet, his way of saying Thank-You.

I can’t put the effect of this Fridge Magnet into words. I was Humbled. He was thanking me, and I was so shocked, that all I could say was thank you. I stood there, being unable to say anything but Thank You, and the guy was obviously touched. It was an honour to be in that situation. An Honour so Great, that all I can do is thank God for being able to there.


~Black Xanthus.