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My Crime was Simply To be

We walked the earth with everyone else.
We spoke to them, We comforted them.
We told them of God’s Grace; of God’s Love.
We tried to show them the truth of what they already knew.

They were afraid. Afraid of change. Afraid of being lost.
And in that fear they became more lost.
They wandered in the desserts of their minds,
Far away from our Love.

That fear, born perhaps of the fear of the loss of the Love,
Never understanding the Love is eternal,
Turned them to seek to be undisturbed.
They came to Us and demanded that I stop being We.

My Crime was to simple be.
To be the Love for which they were seeking,
To be the forgiveness and the hope for which they longed.
But they could not see.

The lessons were not learned.
Some took what was said and wrote it down
They lived by it, they longed for it.
It was the thing that could not be changed.

They remain afraid, Afraid of Change. Afraid of being lost.
And in that fear, they become more lost.
They wander the desserts of their mins,
and become far away from our Love.


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