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What Is Survival Craft?

To say that Survival Craft is a Minecraft clone is close, but not entirely accurate. Klauus, the creator, felt that Minecraft wasn’t simply deadly enough. Survival Craft, then, is a game that looks, and in some way feels, like Minecraft (but with better graphics), and allows you to do some of the same things. The difference is that Survival Craft, at it’s heart, is much more deadly. Bulls, cows, packs of wolves, and even the occasional werewolf prowl around at night, meaning that a shelter of some kind isn’t just nice, it’s essential.

The game was also designed to run on mobile devices, such as tablets, and other hand-helds, including the new Kindle Fire. This means that, unlike Minecraft, it is very far advanced along the development path for handhelds, and is designed specifically for them. This makes it a better game for these devices than the current Minecraft offering, which is a little behind the desktop version of Minecraft in features.

Survival Craft is also cheaper than Minecraft. If it matters.

The game is still in heavy development, and with (almost) every release something new is added to the list of dangers and joys. It is a game that may have started as a simple minecraft clone, but has gone way beyond it.

The Map, And Exploration.

Survival Craft’s map is infinite. It goes on forever. This means that it is incredibly easy to get lost – an incredible annoyance when you have spent time creating a large structure for your home, and now need to wander further afield for the scarce resources.

In order to find your way home, a system of markers will be necessary. As the game will send you back to the last place you slept when you died, this could mean loosing all your stuff if you can’t get back to where you were.

The simplest form of markers are 3 block tall towers, with the top block being sand. The reason for choosing sand, of course, is that it is much easier to see at a distance against other backgrounds (like dirt, or snow). Sand is also a fairly abundant resource, which means that you’re not wasting valuable resources (such as torches) in marking your path.

These should be placed within easy sight of each other.

Your Home

This can be pretty much anywhere, but it seems that the best place to build one is outside on some fertile land. This is land where the grass is a deep green, not a washed-out green. The reason for this is that you can then surround your house with plains of lush grass, and then use these to plant trees.

Wood, while in near-abundance, doesn’t really grow back on it’s own. You will need to make sapling out out of the leaves of trees already growing in the area, (by crafting the leaves), and planting trees. You will need to destroy all the blocks (including the leaves) for another tree to grow. Don’t just plant one sapling, but many, some of them will simply wither and die.

Lions, and Wolfs And Bears, Oh My!

Pretty much everything in the game wants to kill you. Pretty much every animal in the game can be eaten by you. Food is one of the quickest ways to regenerate health. Animals, however, tend to attack in groups (with the exception of bears, which are often solitary creatures, but they can cause other animals to attack you).

Animals, when they begin to attack at night, attract other animals of a likeΒ sort to attack you. You can then quickly find yourself being chased across the plain by bears, wolfs and bulls, with more joining in. This is not a fun place to be. It is the reason not to head out at night.

You can carry various tools to help kill an animal. All tools will do some damage, but there are some which are designed for the job, like the machete, the spear, or the axe. Try to always carry one, and have it in your quick equip slot.


You will quickly learn that water is the bane of your life when you find it underground. It can turn a nice cavern into a death-trap with an accidental mining of a block. Putting things back the way they were is even more problematic. It can be done by the addition of many blocks, but the best thing is to avoid disturbing the water if at all possible.

Let There Be Light

Exploring caves gets dark. You will need some form of light. You can make torches relatively simply from a stick and some coal. The problem is that coal can be difficult to find, as it’s inside caves. In order to give yourself some light to start your exploration, you can burn some wood in a furnace, which will produce coal. This will allow you to go hunting for more coal.

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      1. Mmm… that happened to me once but I was hopeless. I made a new one so I can’t help you there, but if you make a new one, I suggest putting a magnet in it, so if you get a compass it will lead you to your magnet, leading you to your thing / whatever you made bro.

      2. if you are desperate, you need to cheat quit your game, modify it to creative then fly round till you spot it.
        Means you don’t have to worry about health and so on.
        try and use the 3 block towers so you don’t get lost from now on or get a magnet and compass.

        1. I don’t think the towers will work cuz what if u were mining a really good cave and you wanna go down a lot and there’s so many ways you’d either have to staircase or mine up in creative and I think it should be sand cuz sand I useful you can make glass I’d rather dirt specially in a desert

  1. Tree houses are easy, if you make the roof stone. Any ideas of fun things to do in creative mode? This is a list of what I already have:

    Tree house
    Magma volcanoes in ocean
    Animal enclosures
    Horse riding area
    Glass room
    Spear fishing

    1. I’ve done very much the same thing i have the following;
      *6 story castle and battlements
      * walls surrounding said castle stand just as high (30 blocks)
      * glass aviary
      *fields of rye and pumpkins
      * enclosures of all of the animals i come across so far
      * corrals for each animal species you can ride
      *cave systems where I’ve built even more living space
      so far i enjoy this game immensely

    2. If you’ve ever watched amylee on YouTube she has a playlist of her and her sister making a huge town that’s what I’m doing and obviously there’s no such thing as villagers I made coyotes instead my village includes mayors house garden beach pool clothes store cafe restaurant tree store hospital my house prison school bank hotel 3 extra houses church and playground and saved the best for last MY IMAGINATION

  2. What is the best place to sleep on survival mode because I tried to sleep but it said that I wasn’t in a comfortable enough place to sleep??πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€

    1. I haven’t been playing survival craft for long, but i have found that so far, dirt is the only type of natural block that is comfortable enough. I hope that helped!! πŸ™‚

    2. You should sleep on grass or if you are on creative mode you could use wood…NEVER use cement or rock it isn’t comfortable. Dont sleep next to the water or it will say “somewhere away from water” or something like that…hope I helped!

    3. You can sleep on soft items, and I found that if you are far from your home and its night time and have no time to get back, find a big tree and it will count that as a good shelter, comfortable place and dry, if you are in that awkward situation. Also you can sleep on anything which is soft, like dirt, and you can’t sleep on hard things, wood is the only hard one you can sleep on, like the other people said. Hope I helped πŸ˜‰

    1. If you want to create an Adventure map to share, first you have to build the whole thing in Creative. Once you’re finished, switch it to Adventure mode in the ‘Modify’ area. Apply those changes then go back to the ‘Modify’ part and press upload. I am new to this game so correct me if im wrong!

  3. the game is awesome. to make an animal enclosure in creative mode, make a pen, make stairs that you can get into in but make it high so u cant get out then sinse on creative mode u r immortal, find a wolf, or cow or hog or bear or some attacking animal and hit it once then run to the enclosure and it will chase u into it then fly out of it and URIKA! the animal is trapped and never 2 get out also if u wanna eat, make a tiny enclosure and get an animal into it and then stab it with axe and kill it b/c it cant moce then eat I. tada! hope this advice and tips helped u! ANY NEW IDEAS?

  4. It’s good to see *Survival Craft* having such a response.

    In response to a few of the questions above :

    1. Teleporters: They would be nice, but as far as I can see, there is no way to make them. You can, of course, get a horse, which allows you to charge around places. To get a horse, you need a saddle. It’s also helpful to have a whistle as well. The way the saddle works, you simply walk up to a rideable animal, and use the saddle on it. You then gain a new button in the UI for ridding. Press that, and voila! your riding!. The controls take some getting used too, but once you have the hang of it, travel around the world is much quicker.

    The whistle allows you to heard animals, like cows. With the addition of gates, the step trick is no-longer necessary. This also means you don’t have the problem of needing to chase out the wolves that have wandered in there.

    2. Where can you sleep? Well, as previous commenter have said, particularly _meep_, you can sleep on all kinds of materials. I Wouldn’t suggest sleeping out in the open, as the animals can, and will occasionally attack you. It is always a good idea to build a shelter (a simple one can be built from earth, you don’t necessarily need a door, as you can simply leave one small hole for light (ie. a hole that is 1 block off the floor, of a size of 1 block).

    3. New ideas for Survivalcraft? I tend to play survival craft in survival mode, because that’s much more challenging. It is then truly a game of survival. The problem is that you do get rather tied to a place, especially when you’ve built a large base of operations. This can make finding the resources you need difficult, as traveling long distances without markers to help you return home can often mean your death (and subsequent loss of items) before you find it. See my previous hint about visible land-markers – but that makes traveling slow and laborious.

  5. As far as I can work out, Elevators are no-longer possible in Survival-craft. You were able to make them by exploiting a bug in the water block, but that has since been fixed. Survivalcraft is currently without elevators, but you can get stairs fairly easily. As far as I can work out, there will be more electronics which will include the ability to make (presumably) elevators, but as of version 1.22, that is not currently available.


  6. How do you use a whistle?? Please tell me I am a trainer on the survival craft club and I have designed blocks and mansions and I have asked other designers but they are not replying on the club email

  7. Well, I play both and I can definitely say, Survival craft is somewhat less eventful among the animals/mobs compared to Minecraft.
    The main reason is that they are all pretty much the same (excluding out ward appearances) there are no ranged A.I no different and diverse attacking methods. Like the Minecraft Creepers, Skeletons, Zombies, ect.. all of them have different attacking styles, and strong/weak points. This does not greatly appear in any animal in Survival craft at the moment.

  8. It will be nice if you can make a big ship which can be controlled and have storage. Ship with storage is sweet because we can mine somewhere far away, then load on and go home

  9. I tend to build everything on creative mode and then change to challenging mode. much more fun mainly because I had a pack of wolves in my house and as soon as I killed one more would come in. Diamond machete 3 hits kills a wolf.

    1. Go on creative mode ( go on your map screen to see all your maps. Then click on your map you won’t to edit. Then click modify and go in and modify you map to creative. ) go back to your game now and fly around to see your house better. This way is faster and safer. When you fined your house put a magnet in it and a campus in a chest. Then change modes and grab the campus. Then you can travel. When ever you sleep you will still go to the magnet. Hope this helps! πŸ™‚

  10. First off I love this game secondly can you replenish a horses health also how do you use devices please answer other than that it’s the most amazing game ever. At first I thought it would be some lame spin off of minecraft but it’s much much better than minecraft if you haven’t already gotten this game I definitely recommend it. πŸ™‚

  11. I think in the next update they should have orca eggs and animals should breed i have version and o i cant find any guides. To it on stuff like what every block s or douse or how to find it CAN ANYONE HELP ME PLEASEE

  12. I love survivalcraft and it is so addictive! I have just downloaded the newest version of it, and it is the best so far! Apparently there is meant to be white leopards or white tigers or whatever. I play alot and haven’t seen any of them? Am I being stupid or what?

      1. If you look in creative inventory and find something that looks like a stick with red on the end touch tall grass and and wood leaves animals etc with it tell catch on fire

    1. Large plains/savannahs bay chestnut and black horses are common white horses are uncommon bash color are rare the less stub urn the horse the rarer
      donkeys are in forest and jungles and camels are in desert zebras can’t be saddled πŸ™

    1. To tame a wolf stand on its back on a full moon and if your it’s head has a werewolf stay there all night and to update look for the apk for newest version

  13. Please tell me how I can get water out of my house?
    I don’t want to break a wall and have the water rush out and break my trees either.
    please help me
    my son is soooo upset!

  14. Hello.
    Have, like you, fallen for this game.
    1. My compass bugs and spins like a broken top so of course I am lost…
    Any one know why, is it do to metals and ores near by??? Or the B Triangle.??? Or the equator???
    2. How long does it take to fly around the world??? Hours, days, weeks???
    Thanks, if you can help, for posting info.

  15. I figured how to tame a rhino

    hit it with a diamond machette until it runs and punch it with NO items 6 times wait till it stops running and it’s tamed

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