Should Christians Carry a Gun?

Adam Dickison said If somebody comes into steal my t.v. should I help them load of the V.C.R. and tv stand too? Maybe give them some cash for gas? I mean is my stuff so important? The gun in connection with protecting my stuff is where I’ve felt out of sync mostly

In a dicussion about Gun ownership on G+

The more I think about this, the more I feel that it is in this statement that we have found the heart of the matter. It is when a gun is being used to protect the “Bigger Idol” of property.


Pointless American Security.

Since 9/11, we all know that the Americans have upped security on their Aeroplanes. We’ve all heard of the “no-fly” list, the one that has names of people who are considered linked in some way to terrorists. These normally involve a lengthy stop and question at American Airports.

This happened so often to a man from Quebec that he changed his name. He added the word “Fancoise” to it. It apparently worked.

Am I the only one surprised at that? It means that all this pointless security in America is only there to irritate legitimate people. Anyone who’s actually considering blowing up America is unlikely to use their real name, or indeed a real passport. This means that the list is simply there to irritate people.

Indeed, an actual terrorist could simply have his name legally changed, as our Quebec man has, and boom, legally allowed to fly in the USA.

If this is the kind of security that is meant to keep their country safe, then no-wonder everyone is paranoid. It is likely to happen again, because their security staff obviously have no idea how to keep their country secure. None at all. I presume that every country has a list of people it doesn’t want flying into, or out of, their country. I also presume that unlike the paranoid Americans, they work a system based on name matching, and then against pictures. That is, pictures of what the terrorist is meant to look like, thus, if you don’t look like the person pictured, then your probably not him, apart from having undergone some form of excessive plastic surgery.

I suppose you’d want to look your best before you blew yourself up in search of teaching the West a lesson.

Seriously, though. America, if a name-change is all it takes to get around your plane security, Stop it. Stop it NOW. All your doing is annoying legitimate fliers.


Original Source: CBCnews