Birch 0.5 BETA

Hello All,

It’s a very proud day for me. After 10 years of Coding, Birch has finally made it to BETA. I know that sounds a bit crazy, but I keep moving the goal-posts for what it needs to do to be a release client. Essentially it has to do the same as the other major IRC clients out there. However, it is a very functional client, which runs on Java. This update adds the first ever requested feature from a user, the ability to automatically join channels when you connect to IRC.

This update brings to the end a mad amount of coding recently done on the client. You can now change the font, the font size, the text colour, and of course, set an image for the background of your the “Desktop” of your IRC Channel windows. I’ve not yet managed to get the windows to be transparrent, but that may happen soon.

As you can see, it’s been fairly close to the last release of BIRCH. That is how quick turn-around is on most new requested features (being as I’ve only had one….). So, if you enjoy using the client, please tell me, and if you want it to do anything funky, just ask!


Click the link to go to the Download Page:


To run, simply unzip everything into a directory,
change to the directroy, and type
java MainProgram

(see also:

~Thanks, BX

A Sermon on Mark 13:1-8

Here’s a recording of the Sermon I preached this morning based on the Gospel Reading of Mark 13:1-8.

Feel free to read the full script, in PDF here: Mark13-1-8-LightAndDarkness

You can also hear the Sermon, including the Gospel Reading here.

Please any comments that you have on this post. All feedback helps improve my sermons for the future.


~Black Xanthus