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Here are some translations from English to Welsh of some bits of liturgy that I couldn’t find natively in Welsh. They are fairly rough tanslations, and as has been pointed out to me, the Welsh does need to be rethoguht rather than mindlessly translated. I’m not necessarily happy with the first translation simply because I’m not sure the Welsh language does translate like that. It uses an English form of speaking that just sounds weird in Welsh.

Still, as I couldn’t find these anywhere else, I thought I’d save someone a bit of work.


Lord, direct our thoughts,
help us to pray,
and life up our hearts to worship you
in Spirit and in truth,
through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Argwlwydd, cyfeirio ein ystiriaethay,
cynhorthwych ni i gweddio,
dychafwch ein calonau i folianu di
yn Ysbrid a gwirdeb,
trwy Iesu Christ ein Harglwydd,

We will go into the world
to walk in God’s light,
to rejoice in God’s love
and to reflect God’s glory.

Allan i’r byd y awn,
I cerdded yn ngolay Dduw,
I lawenhau yn ei gardiad,
ac i adlewyrchy ei gogoniant…

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