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You know, it’s very odd how life’s highway decides it wants to take you places you never thought you’d ever want to go. Those of you that know me will have no doubt heard about the random desire I have to join the Church. Yes, I know. Me, in the Church.

It appears that no matter how hard I think it might be a silly idea, more and mroe people seem to think it’s a good idea, and the quicker my footsteps are led back to the Church. Of course, I’m not joining as your old-fashioned stuck in the mud kind if guy, but more I want to spread the news, tell people about JC, and generally cause a nuicance of myself in the name of charity and good will.

The problem, of course, is the training. I’m going to be looking for a “non-stipendry” place. It suprises me how much there is to learn, and how far I have yet to go, but, as the song says, “just goes to show you never can tell”


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