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Woman on Street: Sir, you are drunk; very, very drunk.
Winston Churchill: Madame, you are ugly; very, very ugly.
I shall be sober in the morning.

Winston Churchill, a shining example of how I’d like the priminister. Strong on values, and with an attitude that generally tells the people that irritate him to bugger off.


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  1. This story is attributed to an exchange between Churchill and Lady Astor, who I believe was the first woman MP and also an American. There is another one that go’s:
    Lady Astor: If I were your wife I would poison your coffee
    Churchill: If you were my wife I’d drink it

    I am not very comfortable with Churchill becuase not only did he completely change his political allegiances, he also supported the eugenicist movement before it became unacceptable to do so because of the Nazi’s

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