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  1. Dear SK, Why would Crowley say such a thing – I thought that he was well in with Satan! I saw a documentary about Crowley ages ago, and came to the conclusion that it wasn’t Satan as such that he was worshipping, but more the freedom that it gave him to behave in the most appalling fashion to those around him. This is a theory that I have, that it is not Satan per se, but the rejection of values that are considered Christian – but in fact can pertain to any caring individual who does not believe that we are only responsible to ourselves, or that if we are a well developed sense of our ‘place’ in the macrocosm is essential for us to make choices that do not harm others and indeed have a positive effect in the world.
    So I suppose Satan is just a symbol – and I would also say that God is a symbol, but I know that you are training to be man of the cloth and would probably find that view unacceptable – no offence intended, and indeed, you appear to be such an open minded chap it probably won’t cause any.

  2. Dear SK
    I suppose that I am going on the biographical details of his life – the way he treated women and children for eg. I don’t know much about his ritualistic nature, but I rather thought that he revelled in being ‘the Beast’ and therefore if people maligned him he would be quite happy about it

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